I was really sorry about how things turned out between Dawn and me.

Part of me wished that she had taken us down a different path.



I really was serious about Dawn.

I pray that Dawn stays safe at work.

I wish that things take a turn towards the better for Dawn.

I hope that Dawn is happy.

The other part of me can still hear:

Her friend telling me that she wasn’t worth a good deed, and that I would end up getting hurt.  

Her coworker telling me about her past, and that it would be a mistake.  

“B” telling me about the really weird relationship that existed between Dawn and her ex, which caused B to dump him. 

My former employee telling me about all of the other red flags that he had found out about Dawn. 

There was a bunch of other stuff too.  But it didn’t really matter, because I still would have liked Dawn.

I don’t know why Dawn misled me.  I found out the truth and I would have been OK with it, if she had just told me.  

I am disappointed to have learned that Dawn wasn’t completely honest with me about a couple of really important things. I wish that she had just told me. I really would have understood.

I really don’t understand why she skipped out on paying me back, when she said that she would. I know that she had a history of money issues, but really?

Dawn never said thank you for the Christmas gift.

Dawn never made good on anything that she said she was going to do.

Not even the cup of coffee…

And with knowing about all of that now, would I do it again?

I’ve asked this question more than a couple of times to myself, and I always come up with the same answer…



Dawn is an amazing, intelligent, funny, exciting, and very desirable young woman.  I think that she is absolutely beautiful, incredibly sexy, and just being around her is energizing. Dawn’s smile is infectious and gets to me more than anyone else’s ever has.

Dawn is the only person who has been able to make me really smile in years.  And not just smile on the outside, but on the inside as well.  Dawn really  is was “All That!” to me.

In almost every way possible, Dawn  is  was such a “Fuck-Yes” for me.

But Dawn wasn’t completely honest with me about a couple of really important parts of her life. 

I wish that we could talk…


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