The Beast, Red Pill Game, and Oneitis

A couple of months after I quit, I decided that I had enough of being in a funk over what happened with Dawn, and quitting my part time job ‘for her‘.  I decided that I was going to do one of the most selfish things I could do, regardless of the cost.  So I paid $20,000 cash for a brand new motorcycle.  And not just any motorcycle, but “The Beast”:

The Beast


Yes, it was a lot of money to spend.  But I figured that between Christmas presents, Birthday presents, going out to shows or movies, and the trip to Saint Martin I was going to try to take her on, The Beast cost me just about what I would have spent on Dawn in a year.

I had always wanted a F6B, but held off on buying one because I really wanted one in white.  The 2016 Deluxe models came in white and I bought the very first one the dealer received, and before the dealer had even taken her out of the crate.

If you’re not a rider, it may be a little hard to understand the draw.  “Only a motorcycle rider knows why a cheetah hangs it’s head out of a car window!”  lol.  I am a pilot and think that the feeling of riding is very similar to flying, and so is the calling.

The Beast is the most amazing bike I have ever ridden.  I’ve only had my F6B since the beginning of March, and I’ve already got well over 8,000+ miles on her. I am riding more and more often than I have on any of my other motorcycles, including the others I still own and ride regularly. 450 mile ride the other day like it was a trip to go get milk at the local stop and rob.

Except for very slow turns which are still a bit tricky on such a heavy bike, I am much more confident riding the F6B than on any other motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. The Beast is just so incredibly comfortable, responsive, and smooth compared to anything else I’ve ever been on.  And The Beast has given me the incentive to act a little more “Red Pill”, when I am out and about.

Every time I go out I get people giving me a “thumbs up” as I ride by, or people rolling down their windows at stop lights to ask what kind of bike it is.  During the first real ride I took her on, I had “Brick House” (yeah, I know. I was thinking about Dawn…) cranked up at a stop light on 355, and the minivan next to me started rocking.   The people in the van were waving and smiling at me like crazy, and paced along side of me after the light changed.  And even though I am a FROG (fat retired old guy), I have young 20-30 something year old women eyeing me as I ride by all the time.

I had one looking at me so hard in FredNeck, that I stopped and asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. She said yes and we went for about a 45 minute ride up towards Woodsboro and back. She even gave me a neck massage as we were going south through Walkersville, talk about winning! She gave me her phone number and said to call her that weekend. She was a little strange, so I took the number and tossed it later on.  And this wasn’t the only time some random girl has gotten on the back and gone for a ride with me, not even knowing who I was or where we were going.

at the Jimmie Cone in Mt Airy


The “Red Pill” idea of being “irrationally confident”, has me just asking women out of the blue if they want to go for a ride. Out of 20+ that I’ve asked, only 1 has said no.  All of the rest have said “Yes”, and climbed on.

There’s been the blonde girl in the white F250 at Jimmy Cone, the brunette in the silver BMW convertible by Hillcrest Drive, the other brunette walking by Rita’s on Patrick, the cute black chick at the Wawa’s on Crestwood, the brunette in the red Honda at Costco, the blonde at Sheetz by the airport, the really hot brunette that had just finished having lunch with a few of her friends at Isabella’s (actually kept her number for a bit), and others.

with the LPO, having lunch in Thurmont


I even got the cute 26 year old brunette LPO from Kohls to go for a ride to nowhere with me.  One really cute young mom on E 2nd in Frederick was smiling particularly hard at me. I would have stopped, but I’m not towing a stroller ever again…  😉

It was a lot of fun, and although several of them expressed an interest in going further and “having a twirl” with me (2 of them came right out and said that they were DTF), I have no interest in a 4F.  I actually felt a little ‘blah’ inside after each ride, because none of them have been the person I really want to be riding with.

Although I did have an awful lot of fun riding next to this hottie through two states:

Kelly W on the Police Bike   –   She’s one sexy bitch on that motor


Damn, that girl really knows how to ride!  But even Kelly isn’t the person I want to be with…

Do I need Dawn in my life?  Nah.

My life is pretty easy and headache free right now.

And between the decent retirement check I get every month, and the ‘fuck you’ money from my TSP, life is pretty comfortable too.

But part of me would still like to have Dawn in my life.

And “4”, or “d”, or “iv”, really was on the table…


Things have gotten so out of control with women wanting to go for a ride on The Beast, that I have picked up a permanent passenger:



Not only didn’t that help, one pre-cougar blond in a white Audi followed me from Mt Airy all the way to the Wawa on Ballenger because of Panda, to have a good flirt. Thank goodness Panda fits in the right saddlebag!



6 thoughts on “The Beast, Red Pill Game, and Oneitis”

        1. The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    1. I mean, really? Isn’t that why we all do this? So other people might see it?

      But to be honest, I hope that she doesn’t see it until after I’ve passed away, and she gets my letter and what I’ve left for her.

      1. depends on who the ‘other’ people are. there are a lot of ‘other’ people i have no desire to even know i have a blog. hence the anonymity 🙂

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