While riding thru FredNeck

This afternoon on my motor, I happened to come upon a couple of her coworkers who were on a stop, and busy tossing the car. One of them was SE, and we got the chance to say a quick “Hi” to each other.

It was nice to see SE, and I kinda miss her. She’s one of the people I just liked, and was always friendly to me. SE was wearing one of those “blue lives matters” wrist bands, and it made me smile and think of a ‘certain person‘.

WRISTBAND-BlueLivesMatter-Main_1024x1024Word is that although the wrist bands were said to have been sent in memory of G168, and to try and help all of his coworkers through his loss, that whoever sent them was really only worried about how one ‘certain person’ was taking the loss, but didn’t want to be too obvious.

At least that’s what I heard.

HINT:  even the FBI would figure out that this is  meant as a clue, and what it means.



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