Karma always wins…

This is going to sound extremely self centered, and it is.  But the truth is that in one way or another everyone that has ever hurt me, has had karma visit them harshly, without me ever doing anything to cause it. Sometimes it has happened relatively quickly, and others it has taken a number of years.

In one example, a guy who tried to run over my daughter with his truck, ended up killing himself just a month later in an accident with the same truck while I was several states away.  Other examples range from the person killing themselves by eating 147gr, to losing their careers, and having really horrible lives in the following years.  One ex actually ended up getting arrested for DUI, lost her job as an officer, her boyfriend, and is just shy of homeless.  

karma_has_no_menu_you_get_served_2013-10-08_11-37-27Just today I learned that there was an incident in the courthouse, where several people I worked with were injured.


Without going into detail, essentially one of the things I warned could happen if certain practices and policies were not followed, and changes weren’t made, actually happened.


I was scoffed at by some of the staff for continually bringing up the issues with the lack of proper security and staffing, to the point where I finally quit because of their indifference (and for Dawn).  I am sad that former coworkers got hurt, but I am not surprised.

I warned them, and they ignored it.  Shame on them, and I hope that all of them are held accountable for their failure to do the right thing.

What I hope never happens, is that karma visits Dawn harshly.  


Dear Karma, she still kinda means something to me. Please go easy on her 😪



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