What really hurts



I am still a little hurt about what happened. But what hurts me even more is the way that some other people have talked about Dawn.

Now I know that they might believe that they are helping me by saying negative things about her, but it really doesn’t. In fact some of what they have said, just makes it worse.  

It’s ok to say that you don’t believe that the way she handled things were right, or that she wasn’t fair to me.  You can even say that she was just leading me on.

But you people saying things like she has a “hook nose”, or is “ugly”, or that “she looks like a witch”, or that she is “not at all attractive”, or that I “shouldn’t have wasted time on her”, or any of the other things like that isn’t right to do. Not only is all of it not true, it just hurts me.

That may be what they thought of her, or even what you think of her.

It’s not what I think of her at all.

I think that she is absolutely beautiful and incredibly sexy. 

And Dawn is the only person who has made me smile in years.




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