How could Dawn seriously ask why I am so interested in her?  She wakes me up at 3:20am with a text apologizing for oversleeping, and sends me THAT PICTURE, and then wonders why I was interested?


And then she had the nerve to lie to me and say that it was her “just out of the shower and  looking half-cute!”  She didn’t look “half-cute” at all.  Dawn looked


To put how great she looked in to the proper perspective, you would have to first take a look at the “Toxic Britney” thread in the “Jo Momma” section (members only) of  The thread is literally over 9,600 pages with over 192,000 posts filled with pictures of “model hot” women.  And not a one of them looks anywhere near as attractive, as Dawn is to me.

NO, it was not an indecent picture. And NO, I am not going to share it with any of you.  You can see the eyes, but you will just have to take my word that Dawn looks absolutely beautiful in it.

Why would you take and then send that picture to me, unless you really wanted me to be interested in you?

You knew I was starting to have feelings for you. Why would you do that to me?

And if she really doesn’t know why I would be so interested in her after seeing THAT PICTURE,…

Dawn telling me “And that’s a genuine excited to see you smile!”  just tugged right at my heart.

How am I not supposed to want you after all of that???

sigh …




3 thoughts on “REALLY ???”

  1. Why do you feel mad?

    When I read it I feel a bit confused about why things went south so quickly, and why she wouldn’t give me a chance to fix it.

    But mostly I remember how what she said just melted my heart, and how Dawn made me feel.

    And it makes me smile.

  2. Because she didn’t give you a chance. I kind of felt she was leading you on in my opinion. I don’t have time to read the part yet though. When I do I’ll comment.

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