“I don’t know why you’re so in to this…”

“and I guess that I never will.”

She has no idea just how much she crushed me with that. How much I wanted to tell her just how I really felt and why.

I know that I told Dawn that I had a soft spot for her, and what she must be going through as a divorced mom with two boys. But it was much more than that, which made her so attractive to me.

I really dig her sarcastic humor. Just the way she talked and texted me was, oh I can’t even describe it. It just felt nice. Every time I saw Dawn it made me smile, even if she hadn’t seen me yet. And when she smiled at me, it just made me feel incredible.

unsafe sex
how Dawn made me feel.  Absolutely Amazing!

Every time Dawn touched me, tapped my arm, or grabbed my hand, it just felt right. I don’t care how sappy or corny, or even wimpy any of this sounds. She just pushed every one of my buttons.

I truly believe that she is beautiful.

Back in March when Dawn saw me talking to one of the courtroom clerks and gave me those “Death Stares”, I can’t even begin to describe exactly how that made me feel. I was so happy to see her. I was so unhappy about how things had turned out. I wished that Dawn would have stopped and we could have talked, and was so hurt by just how much things have changed.

I really wanted to fix things between Dawn and me. If she’d look in the mirror, every reason I was “so in to this” is there right in front of her.

I wish that Dawn could see in herself, what I saw in her.

Especially when she smiles…



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