Completely inappropriate

But I think that knowing the environment, provides “value added” to the rest of this site. Even if it doesn’t, it makes me feel better to put it all in writing!

And despite what I say below, or anywhere else on this site, they all are really nice people, good and professional officers, and I really do like them all.

That said…




SY, with whatever the fuck her last name is this week. SY is cute, but not very friendly. Nowhere near my type at all, but would be a 8 or slightly higher to anyone else. Does look kinda hot in cut-offs and cowboy boots. Needs to eat a sandwich, and to start smiling!

SP – god I love SP’s personality. She was really hot about 5-7 years ago, and was actually in Richter Scale territory. She could rock a tank-top like no one else could!  She’s still very cute, but her sass is what moves her up in to the top 8 for me. If she still rode motorcycles, I’d seriously consider trying to start something with her. Not that she’d be interested, but I’d try.

SE – yeah, I know. But she’s still super cute. She is always up, even when she’s a little upset. She’s just so positive all the time, it’s addictive. I’ve seen SE on a stop. Being tactically sound is just fucking sexy. And her nerd outfits rock. I’d make some other comments about her “features”, but I am actually scared that she’d put a beating on me if she ever found out. If she swung the other way I’d try to set her up with my son. They’d be a super cute couple, and she could kick his ass!

KW – She just always looks good. She told me that people said she looks mean all the time. I don’t agree. KW has an absolutely amazing smile. Not my type at all, but def well above an 8.5 on the regular scale. She’s actually ‘model hot’ in a lot of ways. Her “guns” are pretty awesome, but she needs less time in the gym and more time smiling. Never seen her on a stop, but she always seems like she is in the zone and I can’t imagine that she’s anything but tactically turned on. And she has great blonde hair. Like OMFG level!


KW kinda looks like Dresden police officer Adrienne Kolseza   ^^^her^^^

RC – RC always is up and smiling. Much more my type physically. She just looks cuddly. Like watching sunsets together from the back of a pickup truck cuddly. Could easily move up from the regular guy scale, and in to Richter Scale territory if she wore the right outfit. She has a seriously rocking body, but hides it for some reason. Never seen her wearing makeup, and she doesn’t need it. She has an amazing personality, and you can’t help but feel more energized just by being around her. I don’t think she knows how cute she really is, which bumps her up even more.

DesP – she’s so much cutier than she thinks she is. Being hard core is a turn on, but she needs to tone it down a bit. DesP seems to have a brick wall around her, much like I did. Makes it hard for people to give you their heart . Given the right circumstances, {redacted}. She may be level headed and cool at work, but she’s gotta open herself up for real if she wants to be happy.  DesP is an absolute “catch”, and I really don’t understand why she’s still single.

KP – The first one on the Richter Scale at 7.2. KP is just always smiling and very up. Seen her doing a stop too. Seemed pretty zoned in. Now she’s a girl who I firmly believe doesn’t realize at all just how good she looks all the time. Stunning no matter what she’s wearing, or how tired she is. Her smile is just fucking awesome! She’s one of the friendliest people on the job. If you wouldn’t fall for her, you’d have to be blind and deaf. She would be my second pick to set up with my son. But only because she’s not as tough as the other one.

DJ – She’s a f’n hot mess… DJ is absolutely beautiful, and an 8.7 on the Richter Scale to me.  And DJ is who this is all about.

Dawn 🙂




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