Where to begin

After a failed long term marriage, and then losing destroying the relationship with Pamela, I decided to take a break and just see how things went on their own for awhile. I hung out with a few women every now and then, but never really feeling or getting serious with any of them.

That was until a “certain person” wandered in to my life.



She is young, funny, intelligent, and incredibly sexy. She pushed every one of my buttons without even trying to. She is a hard 8.7 on the Richter Scale to me.


No woman has ever come anywhere close to being that attractive to me before. Dawn has an absolutely ROCKING BODY! She has friggin gorgeous eyes. Her hair always looks and smells great.  Dawn’s smile is infectious. She’s just “All That”, and so much more.  I wanted her to be “the one”. And in all honesty, I still kinda do.

Brick House” is the song that comes to mind when I think of Dawn. She’s that hot to me.

I had been warned by a few people that she wasn’t worth the effort. Even one of Dawn’s friends, who was the nicest person in the courthouse, told me several times that she wasn’t worth a good deed. But I didn’t listen. I knew she had a messed up past, and about what happened with one of her ex’s.

I overheard a couple of her co-workers make some not nice comments about her, not knowing that anyone could hear them.

I didn’t care.

She was beautiful, always friendly to me, and seemed like she was a good mother to her younger son. I eventually startted chatting her up. It started out as just hanging out together and becoming friends. She seemed really excited about it, and our conversations & texts turned very friendly.

I even called her on it at one point, telling her that I might get the wrong impression and start to think that she was actually interested. I no longer have her reply on my phone, but remember it vividly:

“I am, you goof. I didn’t think that I’d have to spell it out!”

The texts and conversations became even friendlier after that. She started us down a road I really wasn’t prepared to go down. But I wasn’t going to complain, or do anything to stop it. This absolutely beautiful woman was interested and flirting with me.

I hadn’t felt so good in years!

But things with her were never really easy, and I felt like I was getting a ton of mixed messages. She’d go from friendly and touching me every time we saw each other, to vanishing for days without any contact, and then back to sending me texts at all hours of the night while she was on patrol. She even playfully chastised me for not being in the “right courtroom” when she was there a few times.

I had been struggling with trying to understand what was going on with her ever since we started getting friendly with each other, but nothing seemed to make things easier. I missed every red flag she was showing me, because of my “oneitis” and thinking she might be “the one”.  It was a pretty pain-filled rollercoaster, and nothing I said or did seemed to help. But it was still nice, fun, and completely amazing. And so was she!

Things eventually went to shit, because of a third party. 

I never got to talk with Dawn again.


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